Frequently Asked Questions

Collected Questions from Actual Customers


How much is the delivery charge? Do you delivery islandwide?

The amount paid for delivery charges is solely for our freelance drivers. We do not take any profits in the delivery charge. Below are our Islandwide Delivery Rates according to the distance from our shop to your location:

0-5km: $5
6-10km: $10
11-16km: $12
17km & Above: $15

Sentosa, Changi & Tuas: $15

Any minimum order for delivery/self pick up?

The minimum order for delivery will be $15.
There is no minimum order for self-pick

Can I order raw Ngoh Hiang?

Yes, you can! It will be made on that day and chilled before sending it to you. If you would like to it to be frozen, you can request it on WhatsApp or Website Order for at least 1 day in advance.

For raw items, we will recommend you to keep it in your freezer/chiller within 30 mins upon receiving. We will NOT take any responsibilities if the raw items were left outside for longer than kept, especially if you opt for takeaway and walked more than 30 mins for the raw items to reach your fridge.

Kindly consume them within a week (frozen) or 3 days (chilled) to ensure freshness.

How long can I keep the ngoh hiang/chilli if I cannot finish?

Cooked Ngoh Hiang (Chilled) - 1 week

Cooked Ngoh Hiang (Frozen) - 1 month

Raw Ngoh Hiang (Chilled) - 3 days

Raw Ngoh Hiang (Frozen) - 2 weeks

Chilli Sauce (Chilled) - 1 month

Can I do group order? Is there any discounts for group order?

Yes, we do take in Group Orders. Kindly confirm your orders 3 days in advance we have to plan the number of ingredients needed.

There will be Free Delivery for orders above $100. You can receive your orders by paying the same amount as takeaway.

How big is your Ngoh Hiang?

The size of our Ngoh Hiang is approx. 18cm x 7cm

What is inside of the Ngoh Hiang?

Our Ngoh Hiang roughly consists of 90% pork belly & prawns, 8% water chestnut and 2% of condiments (e.g. salt, flour...). It may also have content of eggs in it.

Where is your shop located? Shop house, restaurant or coffeeshop?

We are located in a Coffee Shop as one of the stalls.

Your website cannot pinpoint my address and I cannot place my order. What can I do?

You can order from us manually by filling in the form on WhatsApp +65 9456 1018

If I order last minute for delivery, how fast will the food arrive?

We will recommend customers to order in advance to avoid disappointments.
We may not have a driver at the moment so do give us 1-2hours allowance time to deliver, but we will still try our best to deliver as soon as possible to you.

What is your beehoon fried with?

It is fried with vegetables, shrimps and condiments like salt.

If I place my order, can you separate different packs for me?

Yes, you can! Kindly write it in the Special Requests section in your order or drop us a special request on WhatsApp.

Is there any other way to cook your ngoh hiang instead of deep frying?

You can also air-fry, microwave, steam or toast it!

Can I have extra more potion of the chilli?

There is a limited amount of chilli that we can give free to our customers to ensure fairness. If you enjoy our chilli sauce very much, you can opt to buy it at $3.50 for 100ml.

Special Requests that we Accept

  1. Frying slightly brown for Ngoh Hiang

  2. Chilled/Frozen Raw Ngoh Hiang (with terms & conditions applied)

  3. Contact-less delivery

  4. Packing orders in separate bags

  5. Altering the ingredients due to allergy for minimum $50 orders (e.g. prawns)

Why is the price more expensive on the website as compared to buying in-store?

Due to the 3.5% transaction fees from the bank, we have increased our price with effect on 18/7/2020. To be reassured, there will be no GST charged at the moment.